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Pentana Risk sets cookies on your computer when you use it. This page explains what cookies are and details the types of cookies we set in order to help you understand how your information is being used.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files which a web browser is allowed to store on your computer to help it remember things such as who are you, what your preferences are, what you have done on this application before, and so on.

Essential Cookies

When you log in to Pentana Risk it will set a cookie to identify you. The data in this cookie is a string of random letters and numbers that is only meaningful to the Pentana servers so it cannot be used by any other party to identify you. You must accept this cookie to be able to use Pentana Risk.

Pentana Risk will periodically set other cookies as you move around the application. These are used to remember certain aspects of the application's state, such as which tab you selected last, which notebook panels are opened or closed, and so on.

We never store sensitive or personally identifiable information in any application cookies.


Analytics are used to improve the application and its features. Pentana Risk uses Google Analytics to monitor and track the usage of certain features so that improvements can be made to them in the future. The analytics data recorded by Pentana Risk does not include any personal information such as names or email addresses. Indeed, the transmission of personally identifiable information to Google Analytics is forbidden by their Terms of Service.

Analytics is not enabled on the login page. Pentana Risk will only use analytics on users that have logged in to the software.

More Information

Ideagen's Commitment to GDPR Compliance